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Cathy Teich

Rhythms of Bristol Bay (Alaska Gold)

© 2013 Cathy Teich - Please note copyright protection and respect artist's intellectual property rights. Contact artist for usage permission.

By Cathy Teich

Artist's Statement
Cathy Teich is a retired speech-language pathologist who has always enjoyed music.  Currently she has Talkeetna Lights Studio in Talkeetna, Alaska.  She sells photo cards and matted photos in various shops around that state.  Her photos are primarily wild life,  Alaska scenes, and plant life.  Songs that she has written have come to her with a purpose:  To protect things that are vital to our world as we know it.  Some things could never be healed if they were damaged.  Bristol Bay is one of those natural wonders.  It has fed the population forever...and will continue to do so unless it is harmed.  Cathy did not “try” to write Rhythms of Bristol Bay (Alaska Gold). It wrote itself after she watched, “Alaska Gold”, a documentary about the Salmon Fishing Industry that ended up in Bristol Bay.  Cathy has also written numerous songs to protect the Susitna River, also in Alaska. 
Lyrics and Chords
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