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We organize musicians to use their music and access to fans and media to spread the word about the struggle to protect Bristol Bay from being destroyed by the proposed Pebble Mine. In three years we have built a network of over 500 musicians. 


In 2015, musicians around the country sang and spoke to their fans about Bristol Bay.  Members Tret Fure and Tom Chapin released two new CDs with three new songs about the struggle.  In 2014, co-founder Si Kahn released the album "Bristol Bay," which hit #1 for July's International Folk DJ's Playlist.


And when mobilization and response has been required, submitting public comments, signing petitions and keeping an eye on unfolding developments we have turned it out, through our newsletter alerts, which our members share with their fans.




  • To involve at least 1,000 musicians in the campaign to stop the Pebble Mine and to protect Bristol Bay, and through that process to refine and expand a model of arts activism that can be used for other issues and campaigns.


  • To help the people in Alaska who are leading the campaign to protect Bristol Bay and fighting to stop the Pebble Mine continue to be proud of who they are and what they do.


  • To help them sustain themselves and keep their strength during the long struggle to protect Bristol Bay, along with the livelihoods and culture of its peoples.


  • To help hundreds of thousands of people both inside and outside Alaska learn about and become active in the campaign to protect Bristol Bay, along lines determined by the Alaska-based organizations leading that fight.

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