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What You Can Do


Publicly endorse the campaign to stop the Pebble Mine and to protect Bristol Bay permanently, by becoming a member   HERE


Put a link to on your website.


Let other musicians and your fans know about the campaign through Facebook, Twitter, other social media FACEBOOK


When we send you an ACTION ALERT email, pass it on to your fans


Make a brief announcement about the campaign at your concert and festival appearances.


Mention the campaign when you are interviewed on radio and TV.


Write a song about the campaign and the issues involved.


Record the song and send us an MP3 so we can post it on the Musicians United website together with the lyrics.


Make a video of you singing and/or talking about the campaign, post it on Youtube and send us the link, so we can post it on the Musicians United website too.


Help create a multi-artist CD to be distributed internationally


Distribute or display campaign materials at your merchandise table


Include a note about the campaign in the liner notes for your next CD endorsing the campaign and asking your fans to go to the Musicians United website.

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