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Recipe for a Natural Disaster


David Roth is a singer and songwriter who has taken his songs, experience, and expertise to a wide variety of venues and countries full-time for three decades.  The Chicago native now lives in Massachusetts and uses music and songwriting to celebrate more kindness, compassion, dignity, respect, embrace of diversity, social justice, protection of the environment, hope, and love in this world.

Tim & Sarah Williamson

Timothy is a singer/songwriter from North Carolina who writes original songs with his wife Sarah. They blend elements of acoustic pop, folk, & country to serve up a varied menu of melodic songs flavored with playful lyrics & sweetened by Timothy’s gentle Southern tenor. Timothy and Sarah’s musical mission is to battle the forces of evil and ego using the ukulele as a weapon of mass creation.   Find out more at

by David Roth, Timothy & Sarah Williamson

Recipe for a Natural Disaster © 2017 by Sarah Geis Williams, Timothy Scott Williams, and David Roth
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