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Way Hey for Bristol Bay


      Yael Schy

© 2017 by Yael Schy
Yael Schy is a songwriter, ukulele player, dancer, children’s book author, and improviser. She is the director of ALL THAT JAZZ, a musical improvisational theater troupe in San Francisco, CA, and one half of the musical duo, Uke Divas. Professionally, Yael is a leader in using expressive arts in organizational learning and development. She is principal of Dramatic Strides® Consulting, specializing in leadership development, communication skills, teambuilding and creative decision-making techniques that help people and organizations move forward together. Yael uses dance, theater and music to help people learn how to work together to build community and achieve their goals. 
 I truly believe that if everyone learned how to play the ukulele together with others, there would be more peace in the world!
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